Helping You Build Extraordinary Relationships

Simple Tools for the Life You Desire

Personal Growth

As cliche as it may sound,  I am truly passionate about helping people live their “best lives.”

If you are interested in better  understanding, communicating, and LIVING your boundaries, passions, and goals – you’ve come to the right place.


Most of us lacked proper “relationship role models” growing up….and because of this we often find ourselves in relationship struggles despite or best efforts!

Don’t fret, changing relationship dynamics is easier than it looks – once you get the right tools!


Sex & Intimacy

Do you feel like something is  “missing” from your sexual relationship?  Perhaps you’d like to feel more confident – or explore new adventures – in bed.   I can help you gain the knowledge & skills you need to and build your confidence and deepen your connection & intimacy.


Wouldn’t it be nice if kids came with instruction manuals?

Drawing from a decade of experience as a parent educator and training facilitator for Attachment Parenting International I have developed a flexible, realistic approach for supporting parents.