We are blessed to have Korenna among our Attachment Parenting Group Leaders and Parent Educators.  Her dedication to parenting with compassion and empathy shows not only in her relationship with her own  daughter but through  those she has with the parents and children in her groups as well.

Lysa Parker, MS, CFLE - Attachment Parenting International Co-Founder

I could go on and on about Korenna’s specialized trainings and academic achievements, but what moves me most about her is the level of CARE she extends to her clients and students.  I believe the amount of love and dedication in her gaze alone is transformational. 

Guy Sengstock - Reluctant Philosopher & Founder of The Circling Institute

I have experienced more shifts in myself, and noticed more change in my husband, in the 6 months we have worked with Korenna than I had in the entire 2 years we worked with our previous therapist.  Working with Korenna may just save our marriage!

Client - Couples Coaching