"Circling® is a deeply moving, life-transforming experience. A new doorway to living authentically."

Ron Bynum

Former EST and Landmark Forum Leader World-class trainer for Fortune 500 companies

The Circling® Method began over two decades ago and has been received so well it is currently being facilitated in more than a dozen countries across the globe.

This psycho-emotional communication technology fosters the development and application of both deep empathic listening and authentic expression. It consists of a combination of distinct qualities, skills, and principles that strengthen both interpersonal communication and relational intelligence, and extend our perceptual range. This psychosocial technology creates a forum for mindful connection where individuals can get to know both themselves and one another more deeply, share the experience of this knowing with one another, and create mutual understanding, trust, psychological safety and intimacy. It can also open doors for transpersonal experience and emergent collective intelligence within and between individuals.

Some additional capacities developed within the Circling training include:

  • Taking responsibility for our own experiences and how they influence our perspectives, choices, behaviors, etc
  • Relaxing into the present moment without trying to change or fix anything
  • Openly exploring blindspots and/or unconscious ways of being
  • Allowing ourselves to be fully with our feelings (and the feelings of others) and expanding our emotional range
  • Combining compassion, care, curiosity with revealing our impressions and responses
  • Deepening our experience of the interconnected nature of reality

This Communication Technology Can Change The World. Circling is the most powerful technology for deepening intimacy through conversation that I have ever encountered. I feel like it is an essential skill that should be taught in every school.”

Aubrey Marcus

Founder of Onnit, Inc 500 Company

In a Circling session, Korenna rests her curious and open attention on you, and together you two notice what it’s like being with each other, and the issue you are seeking insight around — moment by moment. You will share impact and observations, and co-explore your full experience of the issue…essentially getting into deep relationship with what is most true and alive for you so that your own innate desires and wisdom about the issue can filter to the surface.

By relating in the present moment — beyond stories, expectations and predetermined ideas about what is right or wrong, Circling has the capacity to reveal your deeper more essential desires and abilities and cultivate profound insights. During a Circle, people often discover that who you are is much deeper and more intricate than you have previously realized, and the issue you have chosen to focus on is actually more simple and clear than you had imagined. Because of this, Circling® is often deeply nourishing and can lead to empowering, creative problem solving that other modalities simply cannot touch.

The experience of “being seen” for who we authentically are is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have as human beings. Circling® teaches us exactly that­: how to see and celebrate each person for the unique flavor they bring to the world. And in meeting people exquisitely where they are it can often paradoxically lead to profound personal transformation.


The Circling® Method creates a structure that invites deep listening, the space to understand how someone's else world occurs to them, and a way to share how we each impact one another in the present moment. This technology invites deep, authentic connection in a world where separation and polarization is becoming more and more prevalent. We all desire to be seen and heard and this relational yoga helps to provide that in a safe and welcoming container.

Korenna has been facilitating the Circling® Method for nearly 15 years now, and teaching Circling for nearly 10. She currently serves as both program director & lead faculty at the Circling Institute (which she runs along side of Circling® Method founder, Guy Sengstock) she also serves as the president of the International Circling Federation — a nonprofit organization that serves and supports both Circling practitioners and the people who work with them.

This is a good fit for you if:

  • You're desiring more access to and insight about your own thoughts, feelings, and meaning making
  • You're interested in seeing yourself and others more deeply
  • You have the ability or intention to be present with yourself and others
  • You desire greater connection to others
  • You'd like to improve your communication and listening skills

Korenna weaves the tenets and principles of Circling into all of her coaching and counseling sessions. She also offers more formal Circling sessions that last roughly 75 minutes.

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