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Strengthen Your Relationships. Transform Your Life.

Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.


Heartbreakingly, we live in a world where the divorce rate is rising and more and more relationships are struggling. The thing is, both you and the people you have relationships with may evolve with time — you just need to learn how to change in harmony.

I help couples listen to and understand one another in ways that create deep understanding and renewed commitment to mutual growth and partnership. Once you are on the same team again, we explore tools for enhancing your relationship in order to solidify your lasting, loving, bond.

Too often I find relationship conflict is rooted in misunderstood intentions, and mis-aligned reactions. I help couples shift their paradigms so that they are better able to communicate their needs, desires and boundaries in ways that actually have each other feeling eager to listen to and support one another.

Why Communication & Relationship Coaching?

I’ll show you how to nurture the aspects that make your relationships worth fighting for, so you can create unbreakable lifelong bonds.

No one is ever 100% wrong...or 100% right! I help couples balance self-responsibility with mutual understanding so your relationship can feel more collaborative and connected. You'll learn how to...

  • Align your values, needs, and desires with your partner’s
  • Navigate competing needs and expectations with grace and ease.
  • Refuel the excitement in your relationship, and remember why you chose to be together in the first place


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To be honest, I didn’t want to do relationship coaching. My wife and I had been to see therapists before and – for all the time & money we invested – it didn’t make much difference! I agreed to try working with Korenna and I can honestly say I look forward to our sessions. I even agreed to do additional solo sessions with Korenna because the tools and perspectives she offers are THAT good. My wife and I now feel confident that we can address conflict instead of holding it in & letting it fester, and we are managing to do it with humor. We are truly grateful for the shifts Korenna has helped us achieve.

Client | Couples Coaching

I have experienced more shifts in myself, and noticed more change in my husband, in the 6 months we have worked with Korenna than I had in the entire 2 years we worked with our previous therapist. Working with Korenna may just save our marriage!

Client | Couples Coaching

Korenna really is a one-stop-shop for all things relational! We sought her out because I wanted my husband to be more attentive and caring, and we got SO SO much more… I learned how I was failing to “hear” & appreciate what he already was doing, and he learned how to switch from lo-octane to hi-octane relationship fuel. Korenna also taught us about the Love Languages & some communication hacks, and when we were feeling warm & connected, Korenna invited us to explore the Erotic Blueprints materials. We just signed up for a whole new set of coaching sessions with her to expand on what we learned there!

Client | Couples Coaching

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