Erotic Blueprints


Supporting individuals and couples who are committed to living a life of expansive pleasure is one of Korenna’s specialties. She combines her training as a board certified somatic sexologist and kink conscious therapist with her training and experience as an Erotic Blueprint coach to help you shift old patterns, clear blocks, build new skills, and access new insights and possibilities in order to help you achieve the sex, love, and intimacy you deserve!

Have you ever wanted to...

  • Expand your sexual repertoire
  • Deepen your intimate connection with yourself or your partner(s)
  • Transcend the rut of bedroom boredom
  • Enhance sexual / spiritual connection
  • Explore role play & fantasy
  • Explore consensual non-monogamy

Then Erotic Blueprint & Sensuality Coaching with Korenna might be perfect for you.

Through working with Korenna you will...


Discover EXACTLY what turns you on and drives you wild, so you can take control of your pleasure and get MORE of it whenever you want


Learn to read other people’s erotic blueprints so you can became a more attentive (and effective) lover


Understand YOUR sexual superpowers so you can unlock reliable, toe-curling orgasms solo or with a partner


See why “sexual incompatibility” is a myth, and how you can experience deeply fulfilling connection and intimacy with ANY partner


Overcome any insecurities, discomfort, or even embarrassment and shame you may have felt about your sexual experiences and/or preferences


Confidently give and receive pleasure with ANY lover, because you’ll know exactly what you want and how to ask for it


Do you get turned on from anticipation, longing and the subtle forces that interconnect us all?

Are you serenaded by the indulgences of life and submerge yourself with pleasure?

Do you love sex, nudity and orgasms?

Do you have a naughty side that challenges the stereotypical norm of sexuality?

Do you morph into all shades of sexuality, endlessly craving more?

Listen to Erotic BP founder, Jaiya Ma, talk about the Erotic BPs on Goop Radio.

The Course

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course provides transformative sex education that inspires complete sexual fulfillment and deep connection.

The most common outcome for participants is: “I now know what I want, and have the words to speak up for and share it. I understand others’ needs that are the same and different from mine. Sex and intimacy are now fun!”

You can purchase the full course (including access to the Erotic Freedom Club here for $1990).

Because Korenna believes Erotic Empowerment should be available to everyone - she reserves 12 programs a year to give away at 50% OFF the retail price… Email her to see if she still has any available!

You'll get immediate access to:

The Blueprint Course

The Erotic Freedom Club

  • The Adventure Date Success System
  • The Blueprint Immersions Practices for ALL 5 Blueprint Types
  • Erotic Freedom Club Erotic Persona Course
  • Weekly group expansion calls within the Erotic Freedom Club
  • All 5 Erotic Blueprint Special Reports
  • And much more…

Most clients enjoy combining the Erotic Blueprint self-study course with personalized sessions with Korenna

Program access + 4 private sessions with Korenna


Program access + 8 private sessions with Korenna


Program + 8 private sessions + email / text support


All packages include special Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough pricing on additional support sessions if desired.

Need Help Deciding?

If you're unsure which package is right for you, contact Korenna to set up a complimentary consultation call.

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