Breakthrough Sessions with Korenna

The Metamorphosis Effect

In these transformational sessions, I combine skills and tools from my decades of practice as a psychotherapist and transformational life coach to help you achieve powerful insights, breakthroughs, and paradigm shifts. Past clients have told me they experience more impact from one Metamorphosis Session than they have in months of working with other therapeutic modalities.


I specialize in working with people who are deeply invested in their own growth.

Often times, people who seek me out have already done years of transformational growth work…have outgrown a therapist (or two)... or may even BE therapists or life coaches themselves!

If you fall into that category, and are not necessarily interested in an on-going coaching/counseling relationship, but would like some added support with a particular negative pattern, limiting belief, stuck place, or big decision in your life - a Metamorphosis Session might be perfect for you.

Through Metamorphosis Sessions, I have been able to help countless individuals break through some of the toughest, most constricting, roadblocks to living deeper, richer, more authentic lives.

  • Do you feel you are capable of more, but just can’t quite figure out what that looks like?
  • Do you know what you want, and maybe even how you want to get there, but somehow seem to sabotage yourself in the process?
  • Does your inner critic hold you back?

A Metamorphosis Session can help you break free from the places where you feel stuck and emerge as a happier, healthier you.

The Transformation Process


Step One: Self-Reflection

The first step (as always) starts within. I have carefully crafted an inquiry form to help you alchemize the breakthroughs you're looking for.


Step Two: Schedule

Metamorphosis Sessions take 120-150 minutes. I recommend blocking off a 3-hour chunk in your day to give you time to integrate before moving to your next thing.


Step Three: Integrate

After your session, we’ll schedule a follow up call to support the integration and application of the breakthrough insights you achieved in your session (45-60 min).

Ready for Your Breakthrough?

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