Become The Kind Of Parent You’ve Always Wanted To Be

Ask yourself: Before you had kids, what kind of parent did you always want to be?

Did you have conversations with your partner about it, outlining all your exciting plans for your future children? In reality, being a parent is no walk in the park. It’s more like a race through the Amazon jungle. In heels. Weighed down by diapers & sippy cups. With lots of crying.

If you want to learn how to keep calm and handle the inevitable speed-bumps of parenting better, while remaining loving YET firm, I can help. There IS a middle-ground. I’m here to show you how to find it.

You could literally DROWN in the sea of parenting books, blogs, and advice available today. I’m not interested in teaching people how to “be” a good parent – I focus on helping people connect to their own inner wisdom so that they can blossom into the parent they have always know they can be.

Access 1-on-1 sessions for sound advice on how to tackle any challenges you’re facing — honestly, anything — and get a tailored support for growing family.

Coaching can help you with...

  • Preparing for parenting
  • Navigating the first few years as new parents
  • Understanding tweens & teens
  • Restructuring your family (through divorce, remarriage, or opening your marriage)
  • Raising happy, healthy and self-sufficient children who feel secure enough to challenge authority while still respecting it

Why Personal Growth Coaching?

As a trusted advisor who’s been in your shoes, I’ll listen to your unique challenges and help you develop a game plan that suits your unique goals and values as parents.

Whether you’re attending as an individual or a couple, I’ll show you what it takes to become a calm and resourceful Mother or Father while still having time and energy for your romantic relationships!


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We are blessed to have Korenna among our Attachment Parenting Group Leaders and Parent Educators. Her dedication to parenting with compassion and empathy shows not only in her relationship with her own daughter but through those she has with the parents and children in her groups as well.

Lysa Parker, MS, CFLE

Attachment Parenting International Co-Founder

We attended Korenna’s parenting groups when our kids were young, and sought her out for more personalized help when they were in preschool. Korenna’s warm and non-judgmental nature were a life-saver for us. My husband and I often disagree on how to handle “problem behaviors” with our kids & Korenna helped us to find parenting tools we can both agree on without ever making either of us feel right or wrong. Korenna definitely helped us be calmer, more confident parents – and I believe it has done wonders for our marriage as well!

Client | Parenting Coaching

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