Personal Growth Coaching

Change Your Perception. Change Your Life.

One can choose to go back towards safety or forward towards growth. Growth must be CHOSEN – again and again; fear must be overcome – again and again.

Abraham Maslow

One of my favorite teachers was fond of saying: “Good is the greatest threat to great.” This is the cornerstone of the personal growth work I do with clients. I help individuals who have been relatively successful in their own right to access the inspiration & motivation it takes to move their lives from good to GREAT. If people consistently comment how “good” you have it, yet you have a nagging desire for more, we should talk.

I’ll help you to identify and embody the potential within you just waiting to burst free. All other aspects of your life – your happiness, your health, your success, and more – are tied to actualizing your potential and worth…you’ll be amazed at what opens up as you begin to work on yourself. I guarantee!

You're one of a kind, and you deserve a Personal Growth Strategy that embraces that.

Coaching can help if you are...

  • Feeling overwhelmed by everything life is demanding of you
  • Feeling unfulfilled, lost, or stuck
  • Ready to find a partner or lover, but not having any luck
  • Struggling with your family relationships
  • Unhappy with your job, ready to play a bigger game
  • Looking at your life and thinking, “Is this it?"

Why Personal Growth Coaching?

Do you refuse to settle for the "good" life? Are you courageous enough to take an honest look at yourself, and find out what needs work?

Personal Growth Coaching is a proven way to improve self-awareness & self-knowledge, and assist individuals in leading more intentional, fulfilling lives. Regardless of an individual's potential, powerful transformation cannot be achieved in isolation. It requires a fresh perspective.


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I found Korenna when I was going through a pretty rough break up and ready to work on issues from my childhood that I knew were keeping me from finding a healthy relationship. Over the past several years she has helped me to heal from stuff with my own parents, to learn how to be a better partner with my next boyfriend, and is now helping us prepare for parenthood.

To be honest, during the months and years between bouts of seeing Korenna I MISS her…but her funny analogies and quirky life hacks stick with me and I will forever be grateful for how she has helped me transform my life!

Client | Personal Growth Coaching

I was in the process of selling a multi-million dollar business and looking for my next project when someone recommended I work Korenna. I didn’t quite get how she fit my needs, but I trusted the referral source so I gave it a try. Korenna has helped me discover what fuels me, she has helped me heal childhood wounds and shift destructive patterns, she has helped me feel more SATISFIED with my life than any financial or business success ever has & it just keeps getting better. I am about to launch my next venture and, thanks to my work with Korenna, I am doing it from a place of joy and enthusiasm with nothing to prove (to myself or others!)

Client | Personal Growth Coaching

I am a life coach myself, and working with Korenna has taught me that – as good as I am at helping others – I can’t always help myself! I am consistently impressed by the gentle & caring ways how she helps me see where I am falling short of my potential…and helps me find my own way toward stepping into greatness. Sometimes I catch myself thinking “I’ve got to tell Korenna what I just figured out” only to realize she had been planting the seeds of that “discovery” for several session and was just waiting for me to grow into it on my own. Korenna is more than a personal growth coach – she’s a personal empowerment coach!

Client | Personal Growth Coaching

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